“Merging Soul with Infinite Creativity”


For over 30 years Urban Oasis Studio has been capturing magical moments in time. It is our goal to serve you, the client, with impressive images while creating a life time of photographic memories. Inspired by internal meditations and the art of life, we have a renewed spirit going into the year 2024. We are looking forward to creating new works of art, collaborating with other creatives, and embracing you, the client.  Creativity is infinite!  We are excited about the present and looking forward to the future.


Kim Johnson’s love for taking pictures began in her early years as a college student at Howard University.  Kim has captured subjects as diverse and exciting as school portraits, high Fashion Headshots, Caribbean carnival masqueraders and remote villages in Africa and South America. That which began as a passionate hobby evolved into a gratifying business allowing her to experience a whole world through her lens.